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Sản phẩm “đầu tay” của Trợ giảng tiếng Anh Fulbright tại dự án Vàm Hồ

Sản phẩm “đầu tay” của Trợ giảng tiếng Anh Fulbright tại dự án Vàm Hồ



As we all know, environmental protection activities and responses to climate change are getting more attention from local authorities, related branches, organizations, individuals, and the community. Many establishments participate in pursuing the sustainable development of our living environment. In this context, as the director of the Youth Creative Group’s small-scale project, “Maintenance handbook for the protection of Vam Ho’s bird ground,” I have the pleasure to express my gratitude to the organizations and individuals who have helped us reach our project goals. I am happy to report that although Ms. Kate is unable to attend this conference, she has highly valued our accomplishments over the last six months. Mr. Herik, an expert on climate change in Ben Tre’s Climate Change Office, is on business outside the province and is unable to be here, but he has invited the project managers to his office for further discussion. As you can see, our project is attracting attention from those interested in preserving a green planet, our only planet. “together we protect Vam Ho’s Bird Ground.”


At this conference, we will discuss and plan small-scale initiatives to protect wild animals and the biodiversity of Vam Ho’s bird ground and, at large, ways to protect our environment and respond to climate change. Ben Tre College completely agrees with the preliminary report from the project’s managers. I appreciate the useful suggestions from the invitees from both domestic areas and foreign countries. During the second half of our project we will collaborate with our network to create resources to promote environmental protection and respond to climate change.


On this occasion, we enthusiastically request support from the sponsors, all levels of government, local functional branches and services, schools, research centers, organizations, businesses, experts, and individuals for our Vam Ho’s bird ground project.

Thank you for your attention.