Dự án đã thực hiện

The executive board of Vam Ho Bird conservation project , Ben Tre, has opened the bird releasing for environment


Responding to the “The wetland day in 2011”


The Buddhist group was led by Vice Executive Board of Vietnamese Buddhism in Ben Tre province, Buddhist priest Thich Hue Tan.

The amount of released fishes was nearly 500 kg; transportation for people and released fishes was managed by the managing committee of Vietnamese Buddhism in Ben Tre province. The executive board of Vam Ho Bird conservation project campaigned the Buddhists benefactors; Hai Van Company (Ben Tre city) and some Buddhists supported

At the releasing ceremony, according to Buddhist priest Thich Hue Tan the purpose of releasing animals is setting free for animals kept in cages and pot, removing the grievances from now for man. The releasing focuses on two major significances: to save lives and to return freedom to our students.

This is the first Buddhist culture and the environmental event which was held in Ben Tre. Particularly for Vam Ho bird sanctuary, according to old farmer Nguyen Van Ngưu in Tan My, this is what farmers and people in this region expect and now people can do that. Thereby, improving the balance of the ecosystem, helping the natural in  bird sanctuary area become more and more, contribute to stabilize and develop the wetland environments. Simultaneously, this will support the environmental resources brach, local government to conserve the Vam Ho bird conservation, increasingly sustainable development.


(Khoi Nguyen-Creative Youth group. Translatior: Dong Phu)